The current land where Clarkridge Farm sits has been in the Clark family for over 100 years.  The farm has a rich history that has, in its most recent form, taken the shape of a small, diversified, pasture based farm operation.  We are always experimenting and learning what works best on the land we have been given.

DSC_1653On April 11, 2013, Clarkridge Farm suffered a huge lost.  Lt. James B. Clark suddenly passed away.  He’s loved farming ever since he was a boy.  He grew up here.  He traveled around after college for a while, but life brought him back to the farm when his father passed away.  He had every little kids dream job; he was a firefighter and a farmer.  He was a painter and a poet.  The farm gave him lots of inspiration for his works.  Jim never wanted to leave the farm and would be happy to see the farm continue.25826_110772328958164_802791_n

The farm continues today with support from family and friends. Check back often as we grow!

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