Farm Footwear

Last year in Chicago, I knew we were going to be moving to the farm in the fall so, I bought a pair of Hunter Boots.   Little did I know how essential they were going to be!  I wore them all around the farm during the muddy fall season and I didn’t have to worry about stepping in mud (or cow patties)!



They were the most fun when we went up to Maine this fall, for a weekend get-a-way. During low tide, I was able to walk through the seaweed and explore the beautiful coastline.



I walked right in to the water…


…and found creatures like this little star fish!



Although my Hunters were great for the fall, they’re miserable in the winter.  They don’t keep your feet warm at all!  I had some winter hiking boots my mom bought me from Marshall’s back when I was in high school, but I think they are ready to retire.  I found these boots online and I think they might be perfect.




They look like they’d be good for taking winter hikes on snowy days!



Well, that’s all for now.  Dan is cleaning out the maple sugaring equipment so we’ll be ready to tap the trees in a month or two!  I can’t wait for fresh maple syrup!

Farewell from the farm,

xoxo Britta


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