There is something to be said for familiarity. I love small local coffee shops, but sometimes Starbucks makes me feel at home. The familiarity of it reminds me of Chicago, of a different life.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my life right now.  I love the farm – the cows, sheep, woods, and outdoors.  I love being closer to family.

But sometimes I miss the pace of city life. I miss living in the third largest city in the United States and feeling part of a much bigger world. I love the diversity. I miss walking down the street and seeing signs in Spanish, Arabic, and German.
Today, as I embrace my new life, I’m sitting comfortably at Starbucks reading How to Make a Small Farm Profitable.  At this Starbucks though, the door isn’t constantly opening to new customers.  It’s possible to find a table to sit at. There aren’t any homeless people coming in to warm up from the cold air outside.  There aren’t people (and strollers) walking by, there’s cars and a parking lot. Instead people seem to look up and smile more. I could take my time deciding what I wanted to drink because there weren’t five people in line behind me.
It’s a time of adjusting, but I’m adjusting. I’m thankful for the time I lived in Chicago. For the friends I made and the things I learned. And slowly I’m making friends here and starting to feel at home at the Apotheca. Today though, I’m thankful for the familiarity of Starbucks.

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