Weekend Learning

Dan and I have realized that we are not short of ideas for our farm,  what we’re lacking is skills and knowledge.  So, we are trying to be intentional about taking opportunities for “Farming Professional Development.”  It’s hard to make time for it when there is already so much to be done at home, but we feel it’s important to learn and connect with other farmers in the region. We want to learn what farmers in our community are doing, what’s worked and what hasn’t, in a climate and culture that is similar to ours.

Earlier in September, Dan and I went to Essex Farm in upstate New York to visit Mark and Kristin Kimball’s farm.  Ten years ago, they started a full diet CSA for the the people in their community.  Their farm is horse powered and their story is incredible.  If you’re living on a farm (or planning to) and haven’t read The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball, I highly recommend it.


I read her book in Chicago before Dan and I moved to New Hampshire.  Her story of transitioning from city life in New York with heels and a handbag to a rural farm life with Carhartt’s and a pocket knife gave me perspective on the transition  Dan and I were about to make.  I am so thankful she shared her story. It was incredible to see their farm operation and all the work required for a full diet CSA.

Next up for Farming Professional Development is maple syrup!  We’re almost done with the beef season and looking ahead towards our winter projects.  As we continue to live and work on the farm, Dan and I are hoping to slowly increase our maple syrup production.  Last winter we had fun making maple syrup and visiting other New Hampshire maple syrup operations.  At the end of October, Dan and I will be attending the New Hampshire’s 2nd Annual Maple School.  It will be great to connect with and learn from other maple producer’s in New Hampshire.

We’re busy getting ready for farm day on Saturday.  We’re hoping it will be a great day!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Learning

  1. Great day at Farm Day….thanks for sharing your farm, and hopes and dreams. Looking forward to cooking up some grass-fed-beef stew !

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