Snow Day

picmonkeysnowdayI thought I was going to have more time in the winter.  Some how it’s been flying by and it’s almost time to start maple sugaring!  Before we move into that season though, I thought I should do a quick recap of winter on the farm.

We had lots of time spent with family eating delicious meals.  Dan’s brother, Tim, decided he wanted to start a new tradition where he makes us all a delicious dinner the day before Thanksgiving.  This year he made us some ribs, a roast beef, butternut squash risotto, polenta, and a delicious salad with pomegranates and sugared almonds.

picmonkeytdayI forgot to take a picture before we started eating, but this is a snap shot part way through the delicious meal! It was really good for us all to work on expanding our stomachs before our Thanksgiving feast!

I think my favorite part about Christmas is the Christmas tree.  I love the warm glow it brings into the house at winter, when the days are the shortest.  picmonkeychristmastreeWe cut one down from the small plot of Christmas trees near our house.  Jim planted those trees, so looking at the tree reminded me of him.  I loved getting out all our Christmas decorations and decorating the tree.  These are some of my favorite ones from this year.

PicMonkey CollageChristmasIt’s a little hard to see, but I hope the “cow bell” makes you all smile a little.  It’s a jingle bell that painted like a cow!

On our recent snow day I felt like making a little special treat so I made a Tomato Tart.  I used America’s Test Kitchen recipe and it came out delicious!  I am definitely going to have to make it again when tomatoes are in season.


Other than spending time with family, we’ve been working on planning out our garden for the summer.  Right now Dan and I are trying not to get too excited about all the beautiful pictures in the seed catalogs and keep our garden simple. We don’t want to put too much on our plates this summer so we have time to spend learning from other farmers in the area.

Every day we recognize how much we have to learn about farming.   It’s tempting right now to dive in head first into farming, buy in more cows, new sheep breeds, buy fruit trees and berry bushes, get some pigs, a beehive (the list could go on), but we always have to remember to think about our quality of life.  Doing more isn’t always better!

One thought on “Snow Day

  1. Send me a couple hundred organic sweet corn seeds! The French are not at the top of their game when it comes to corn. I’ll send you a package of “potimarron” pumpkin seeds in exchange-just stick them in the manure pile then don’t touch them til the end of summer, it’s great.

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