Summer :: 2016 :: A Place for Everything

We’ve been back in school now for a few weeks – I can’t believe it! It’s been a good summer, and like always it’s gone by so fast!

Around the farm, our summer motto has been:

A place for everything, and everything in its place.

So, the projects we’ve been working on have been with that in mind – a lot of planning, organizing, cleaning, maintenance, and repairs.  These tasks are sometimes mundane, but we are excited about all of the progress we’ve made. I hope we are able to get a lot more done before the winter!

In between our organizing, we’ve been enjoying summertime at Clarkridge Farm. For the past few summers, we’ve had some geese move in for the summer.  It’s been fun to watch the baby geese grow over the summer.  We started out with these two families and now there are probably over 20 geese on the pond! I’m not going to lie though, I’m definitely ready for them to head south for the winter!

Geese on the Pond

I love watching the wild flowers grow throughout the summer.  These purple flowers and yellow buttercups were beautiful in the beginning of the summer.

Wild flowers

And now, the queen anne’s lace is out all over the fields.

Queen Anne’s Lace

Pippa is slowly learning to be helpful when moving the cows.  Well, helpful might be stretching it, but she is getting better at not scattering the cows all over the place.

Dan walking the cows to the ridge

She’s a smart dog, if Dan and I knew how to train herding dogs, Pippa would be more useful.

Pippa in her Kingdom

We’ve also been enjoying our summer with friends and family at Pilgrim Pines, hiking the Uncanoonucs, chopping wood for winter with wonderful friends, celebrating the birth of two beautiful babies, a beautiful family wedding, a farm concert with Heatherlyn on her Fearless Love tour, and so much more.

Enjoy the last couple weeks of summer! And please, do me a favor, enjoy the moment and resist the urge for a pumpkin spice latte (or anything pumpkin!) for at a few more days! Eat some corn on the cob or ripe tomatoes.  Fall doesn’t officially start until September 22.

Farewell from the farm,

xoxo Britta

p.s. – We’re sold out of beef for 2016!  Thanks to everyone who supported us!

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