Saturday Morning Doughnuts


One of my favorite things is waking up on Saturday mornings and making a delicious breakfast!  Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and during the week I’m too busy to make a really good breakfast.   Last Saturday Dan and I made a special treat!

So simple, but oh so delicious – the egg sandwich.  There’s nothing better than an english muffin, fried egg, cheese and meat (in this case – salami).  Although it’s probably not the healthiest breakfast, it’s definitely a treat!

SAM_3632While Dan was making the egg sandwich, I decided it to make some baked chocolate doughnuts!

A couple of years ago, when I was away on a girls weekend in Lake Geneva, my good friend Maria and I each bought a doughnut pan!  In her family there is a birthday tradition where on the morning of your birthday you get doughnuts.  I thought it was fun tradition and would love to start in our family someday, so therefore it was essential that I bought a doughnut pan.  Unfortunately, Dan didn’t fully understand this (actually, I don’t think I ever explained it to him) and just saw a doughnut pan sitting in our cupboard that we never used.  He kept asking me if we should get rid of the doughnut pan, but I kept telling him that I was going to use it to make doughnuts soon.  So after about two years of asking to make doughnuts, I decided last Saturday it was time!

I’d made doughnuts once before using this recipe from Lara Ferroni.  She also wrote a cookbook with tons of other doughnut recipes.  If they’re anything like the doughnuts I made on Saturday, I’m sure they’re all delicious!  Doughnuts

I was skeptical about the nutmeg in the recipe, but it definitely adds a great flavor to the doughnuts.  SAM_3638

With some red sprinkles on top, these doughnuts would make a great Valentine’s day treat!

Dan and I are going to a Raising Backyard Chicken workshop on Monday.  I’m excited about what we are going to learn since we’re hoping to get some chicken’s this spring!

Farewell from the farm,

xoxo Britta