Fall Weekends

It was a good weekend for getting projects done around the farm.  The warm sunny weather made the daytime feel like summer and the cool nights were perfect for eating stew and soup!  Dan and I made a delicious stew tonight using beef shanks.  I will post the recipe and some photos later this week!

We have a few old apple trees growing down by the pond.  Dan and I picked some this afternoon and we’re hoping to try to make applesauce with them later this week.  I would love to learn how to prune the trees so next summer we have bigger apples instead of lots of little ones.

DSC_0083The sheep (and the cows) enjoy eating the apples that have fallen on the ground.  It is a special treat for them this time of year.  It’s funny to watch them munch away on all the apples.

DSC_0110We haven’t gotten any eggs from our chickens yet, but we’ve started checking every day!  During the summer we had a problem where our chickens got attacked by a fox.  Since then we’re had to keep a close eye on the chickens, but it was great watching them run around this weekend.  DSC_0133

It’s amazing how much they’ve grown since the spring!
DSC_0164It’s going to be a busy week here at Clarkridge Farm.  On Tuesday, we are taking some cows and sheep off to be butchered.  It’s always an adventure trying to get the cows into the cattle trailer.  Hopefully they’ll all just walk right on! Then this weekend we’re going to be in Chicago for a wedding of one of my closest friends.  I’m excited to go back to the city and see so many good friends there!

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