Worm Bin Composting

When Dan and I lived in Chicago, our farming options were limited.  However, that didn’t stop Dan.  He went to a workshop about worm bin composting.  He came back with a rubbermaid tub so we could have our own worm bin composting system in our dining room.

A photo from Nancy Gocht’s worm bin harvest

At first I was opposed to having worms in our dining room,  but I quickly realized those red wiggles made great city pets! They ate our left over food scraps, didn’t smell, and we only fed them about once every two weeks!

A few years ago at Christmas, Dan and I put some worm bins in our family Yankee Swap.  My mom ended up with a bin of worms and has been growing her worm population for the past two years.  This weekend she harvested some worm castings to use in her garden.  Above is a picture of the beautiful dirt from the worms!  At a garden center, this little bit of dirt would probably cost at least $10.  This year Dan has brought our worm bins to school to use for science experiments in his classroom.  We’ll see how they turn out!

Dan and I had a great weekend in Chicago!  The bride was beautiful and so was the wedding.  We have been working hard on cleaning and organizing our house.  Last night, I got one room completely organized.  One down, many to go!  We’re also busy getting things ready for Farm Day 2013.  If you’re free on October 19th, we’d love to have you stop by!

Farewell from the farm!

xoxo ,



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